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Tapping into a new market with a new glass product

The market for touchscreen smartphones and tablet PCs is expanding rapidly throughout the world. Underlying this increase in demand for such mobile devices is innovative cover glass, which protects them from friction and impact and makes displays beautiful.

Dragontrail™, a specialty glass for chemical strengthening, features excellent strength, scratch-resistance and high texture quality.

The AGC Group has developed and released Dragontrail™, a specialty glass for chemical strengthening, as an optimal material for protecting displays and touchscreens. WithDragontrail™, we have achieved unmatched strength compared with conventional soda-lime glass and superior scratch resistance and a shiny texture that cannot be attained with resin-made cover glass. Dragontrail™ has been used in products of more than ten manufacturers in five countries, and demand is expected to increase further (as of October 2012).

Demand for Dragontrail™ is expanding, having been used as cover glass for touchscreens of smartphones, tablet PCs, and other devices by more than ten manufacturers in five countries

Dragontrail™ shows promise not only for use in mobile devices but also for applications in automobiles. It has made a great contribution to our efforts to convert the entire instrument panel of automobiles to a touch panel system that controls the display and operation of car audio systems, vehicle navigation equipment and air-conditioning systems.

New applications, such as automotive instrument panels that can be used as touchscreen panels, are being explored.

We have also developed Leoflex™, a chemically strengthened specialty glass, in response to the need for lighter glass in a wide range of applications such as solar panels, building materials and lighting (see photo at lower right). Glass in general has an image of being brittle and heavy. Leoflex™ is stronger than conventional glass of the same thickness, which means it can be lighter and thinner. Solar modules tend to be heavy, and the places where they can be installed and the way they can be used are often limited. But using Leoflex™ as cover glass can reduce the weight of solar modules. In fact, solar modules which use Leoflex™ are already on the market.
The AGC Group will continue working to deliver glass-based technological solutions by combining its advanced and diverse technologies that it has accumulated over decades.
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