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History of AGC

AGC was founded in 1907 by Toshiya Iwasaki, the second son of the second president of the original Mitsubishi Corporation. Under him, it succeeded in the first Japanese production of sheet glass. His pioneering spirit, summarized in the basic principle " Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties" was the driving force behind AGC's mastery of a succession of difficult business challenges and the company's subsequent dynamic growth.

1907-1913 Establishment

Period Progress & Development Diversification & Expansion
1907 Asahi Glass Company established in Amagasaki, Hyogo Pref.
1909 Belgian-type hand-blown sheet glass manufacture begins. (The first such production in Japan)
1914 The first shipment of sheet glass exported to England.
1917 Headquarters moved to Tokyo. Soda ash first produced at Kitakyushu by the ammonium method.
1925 Shoko Glass Co., Ltd. established in China.

1928 - 1955 Modernize

Period Progress & Development Diversification & Expansion
1928 Production of ordinary sheet glass by the Fourcault process begins.
1933 The Asahi Foundation for Chemical Industry Promotion (now the Asahi Glass Foundation) established to commemorate our 25th anniversary.
1954 Asahi Special Glass established.

1956 - 1980 Rapid Progress

Period Progress & Development Diversification & Expansion
1956 The Indo-Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. established.> Production of automotive glass begins.

Production of glass bulbs for TV picture tubes begins.
1957 Asahi Glass Scholarship Foundation established to Commemorate our 50th anniversary.
1960 Production of ion-exchange membrane begins.
1963 Thai-Asahi Glass Public Co., Ltd. established.
1964 Thai Caustic Soda Co. established. Production of chlorine products and electrolytic caustic soda begins.
1965 New research laboratory opened in Yokohama., Japan.
1966 Float glass production begins.
1972 P.T. Asahimas Flat Glass Co., Ltd. set up in Indonesia
Pacific Glass Corp. established in Taiwan.
1973 AA Glass Corp. established in the U.S.A.
1975 Production of water and oil repellents (Asahi Guard) begins.

Production of Aflon COP (fluorinated resins) begins.

1980 The AZEC System of caustic soda manufacturing is developed

1981 - Globalization

Period Progress & Development Diversification & Expansion
1981 Asahi Glass acquired Glaverbel S.A. and MaasGlas B.V., glass companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.
1984 Asahi Glass acquired invested in Nippon Carbide and ELNA. Production of solvent-soluble fluoropolymer for paints (Lumiflon) begins
1985 AP Technoglass Co. established in the U.S.A. Production of non-alkali glass and synthetic quartz begins
1989 Siam Asahi Technoglass Co., Ltd. established in Thailand. Chlorofluorocarbon alternative (HCFC 225) developed.
1991 Asahi Glass Foundation creates the "Blue Planet Prize" to honor those who help solve environmental problems. TFT-LCD glass substrates production begins.
1992 Dalian Float Glass Co., Ltd. established in China.

Floatglass India Ltd. established in India.

Acquired AFG Industries, Inc. of the U.S.A.
1994 Zibo Asahi Glass Fused Materials Co., Ltd. established in China.
1995 Asahi Glass invests in Qinhuangdao Haiyan Safety Glass Co., Ltd. in China. Start of automotive glass business in China.
1996 Opened corporate website.

AG Electronic Materials, Inc. is established in the United States.
Start of commercial sales of PD200 glass for plasma display panels.
1997 Production and sales of flat-faced TV tube glass bulbs "Tripled" commence.
1998 Wakasa AGC Fine Chemicals Co. established for production of pharmaceutical ingredients.

AP Technoglass de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. established in Mexico.
2000 Korea Autoglass Corporation (a joint venture with Kumgang Korea Chemical Co., Ltd.) is established.

Asahi Glass Fine Techno Taiwan Co., Ltd. is established.
Sale of Lucina (Perfluorinated Optical Fiber) begins.

Work begins on full-scale implementation of the Asahi Glass S. Pombe Expressin (ASPEX) system for protein production.

Low-reflectance and anti-condensation glass for car windshields is developed.

2001- New Century

Period Progress & Development Diversification & Expansion
2001 Introduced stock option system.
2002 Creation of AGC Group Vision, "Look Beyond"

Introduced an in-house company system

The executive officer committee system of corporate governance is adopted.
COOLVERRE windshield glass, which cuts out infrared radiation, is developed.
2004 “JIKKO”management policy introduced. Fluon® ETFE Film selected for the Allianz-Arena Soccer Stadium in Germany.
2005 Asahi Glass Fine Techno Korea is established. Started glass substrates business for HDDs
2006 AGC Glass Hungary is established. Fluon® ETFE Film selected for the main stadium and the venture for aquatics games at a global sport event in Beijing.
2007 Group brand unfied as “AGC”.
2008 Management policy Grow Beyond introduced.
2010 Production of world's largest float glass furnace has started in Russia. UV Verre Premium” ,glass for automotive door windows introduced
2011 AGC Display Glass (Kunshan), first production base for TFT-LCD glass substrates in China has established "Dragontrail", glass for chemical strengthing launched
The world's thinnest soda-lime glass substrate for touchscreens has developed.
0.1-milimeter-thick"ultra-thin glass" has developed.
2012 Signed an agreement to become a branded licensee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. “Leoflex”, a chemically strengthened specialty glass for versatile applications has developed.
2013 Regional headquarters has established in Singapore.

Production of float glass has started in Brazil.
“AN Wizus”, a glass substrate for High Resolution Displays has developed.
2014 Take over PVC company in Vietnam.

Technical center for the chemicals business has established in Shanghai City, China.
“Lightjoule”, an ultra-lightweight solar panel has developed.

“Clearsight”, Anti-reflective Glass Ideal for Outdoor Use has developed.
2015 Management policy “AGC plus” introduced.
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